Neil Altman

Neil Altman

I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, clinician and author. In my clinical work, I see children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. My recent writing has been in the area of racial, social class, and cultural differences and similarities as they play out in interpersonal interactions. I have studied such interactions intensively in the relationships between therapists and patients; I am interested in extending the understanding I have gained to interactions in other contexts. These include community-based clinical work, as well as interactions in multi-national and cross-cultural businesses and NGO’s (not for profits). I offer courses on a variety of topics for which social workers may obtain continuing education credit.

Upcoming Presentations & Events

Psychoanalysis in the Community

St. Louis Psychoanalytic Society, September 22, 2017

Race, Class and Culture in Psychoanalysis.

San Antonio Society for Psychoanalytic Studies, San Antonio, Texas. November 11-12 2016.

War in the Consulting Room

Presentation at event organized by Confer, London, England, December 10, 2016, with Francoise Davoine, Jelena Watkins, and Andrew Samuels.  See details at

Keynote Speaker: Me and Not Me—Our Evolving Socially Embedded Self.

Michigan Psychoanalytic Society, April 8, 2017

Continuing Education Courses

Neil Altman, Ph.D. announces a live, in-person, professional education seminar on: Relational Child Psychotherapy


This is a 12-hour intensive seminar designed for mental health professionals who wish to enhance their clinical skills with children and their families. The course provides participants with opportunities to increase their knowledge and expertise through weekly readings and discussions. Clinical material will be presented by participants and the instructor.

Relational Child Psychotherapy will have both a theoretical and a practical, clinical focus. We will first consider the history and development of child therapy, looking at how concepts of transference /countertransference and play have evolved in the child therapy literature. Clinical examples from participants and the instructor will show the practical relevance and applicability of these concepts in day-to-day work with children. Issues raised by work with parents, teachers and other professionals will be addressed from a psychoanalytic/systemic perspective. six 2-hour sessions 12CEUs

The seminar will begin on June 23, 2016 and will run through July 30, 2016  1-3PM at Dr. Altman’s office on the Upper Westside of Manhattan, 275 Central Park West #13E (at 88th Street) New York City.

The fee for this seminar is $900.


The following courses, with similar structure, will be offered later in 2016:

Journal Club: A forum for reading and discussion of selected articles from the contemporary psychoanalytically oriented literature. 12 sessions, 12CEUs

Psychoanalysis in International Cultural Context: This class will feature readings from a variety of psychoanalytic communities around the world, from India to Iran, Japan, Latin America, Italy, Spain, and beyond. Discussion will focus on what we can learn about psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, and ourselves, when we consider how the field shows up in radically different cultural contexts. 12 sessions, 12CEUs

Adolescent Therapy (Co-Instructor: Jillian Stile, Ph.D.): Adolescent therapy, like adolescents themselves, require us to “think different” from the way we are accustomed to think about work with adults and children. Adolescence itself has a number of sub-stages, and culturally diverse manifestations, that the clinician needs to keep in mind. We will consider some of the literature that has grappled with the unique and perplexing issues of adolescence and adolescent therapy. 12 sessions, 12CEUs

Race, Class, and Culture through a Psychoanalytic Lens.  This course will consider race, social class, and culture as elements in the psychotherapeutic relationship.  We will consider the nature of these social categories from a psychoanalytic perspective, and how they play out between patient and therapist in public sector clinics as well as in private practice. 12 sessions 12 CEUs


Please be in touch with Dr. Altman by phone (212-595-0821) or email ( for further details or to register.


Neil Altman, Ph.D. SW CPE is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #0333.


Participants who complete one or more of these courses will be eligible to receive 12 CEU credits per class. Upon successful completion of your course, certificates of continuing education credits earned will be provided.


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Interview with Neil Altman on De Zeit online:

Germany’s most prominent online magazine published an interview with me on recent cultural developments in New York, June 10, 2014.

Book launches

Altman_Psychoanalysis in an Age of Accelerating (1) Stay in touch for information about events in association with the publication of my new book by Routledge toward the end of 2014. The book, entitled Psychoanalysis in An Age of Accelerated Global Change: Spiritual Globalization  is about the evolution of psychoanalysis from its origin in spirit possession and exorcism, through prospects for the future at this moment of globalization. I focus on the impact of globalization on cultures and people’s lives throughout the world, as well as the effect on psychotherapy in the public sector.

Currently scheduled book launch:  Phoenix and Dragons Bookstore, Atlanta GA September 30, 2016.

Altman_Psychoanalysis in an Age of Accelerating (1)